Sustain­able Services
Compre­hensive, safe and environ­mentally sound

Waste management

A major part of every project is the handling of the resulting residues from the cleaning operations. The important question always is about the composition of the residues – are hazardous (amber listed) or non-hazardous (green listed) elements present? PGM Technologies together with a team of experts and external consultants offer guidance and a set of existing waste solutions to every client:

  • Network of existing notifications for amber shipments
  • Professional notification management
  • Environmental declaration assays
  • Provision of paperwork
  • General waste regulation advisory

Decommissioning & dismantling

When entire production lines reach their “end-of-life” condition PGMT is ready, willing and able to conduct the decommissioning of the PGM bearing sections for destructive or non-destructive cleaning and metals recovery. PGMT develops individual decommissioning concepts in collaboration with local expert companies to comply with existing local work safety regulations.

Global logistics

Logistics are the key prior to and after every recovery project: shipping of cleaning equipment, plant components and residues. PGM bearing residues require special attention and experienced management from A to Z of the shipping process.

  • Suitable waste logistic company
  • 110% insurance for every shipment
  • Provision of safe packaging
  • International routes via:
    • Sea
    • Air
    • Land
  • Customs management