Metals management
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Precious Metals

The process of refining is the conversion of precious metals bearing cleaning residues into pure platinum group metals. The fundamental process starts with the reduction of the moisture content and the elimination of all organic elements from the cleaning residue that was collected after filter pressing. The resulting product is a metal ash. This ash fraction is further milled down entirely and sieved to a small particle size. Once the powder is conditioned to an equal particle size the material is homogenized by blending and accurately sampled. The samples are assayed for element composition – and especially PGM concentration – before thoroughly added into the PGM refining process to yield in fine platinum group metals.

  • Annealing
  • Milling
  • Blending
  • Sampling
  • Smelting

Routes for refining material

Routes of refining is PGMT’s expression for the readiness to suit the clients demand or a gauze producers’ inquiry with regards to the refining outlet. By origin the Circular Solutions approach is designed to reduce workload and efforts on the clients’ end. Here PGMT developed a well working route through the independent refinery Remondis PMR B.V. that performs like swiss clockwork in favor of any client.

Route of refining

Independant refining

PGM Technologies offers the pre-processing and refining of cleaning residues in collaboration with the technologically most advanced and independent refining institute: REMONDIS PMR B.V. The Dutch refinery has been audited and certified as refining house of highest standards in security, process safety & precision. Moreover, clients are serviced with competitive lead times for the conversion of cleaning residues to ‘Good Delivery’ fine metals.

Route of refining

Refining companies of choice

Alternatively, PGM Technologies can adjust the approach to any requirement. If clients require a specific refinery, PGMT can ship the residues or make them available for pick-up by the desired company. Or in a more common case when gauze producers inquire directly to PGM Technologies for cleaning services at their client under the condition to have the refining in-house PGMT will be pleased to adjust the refining stream to Umicore, Johnson Matthey, Heraeus or others.

Metals trading

PGM Technologies accommodates any transaction requirements by the client once the Platinum Group Metals are extracted and available at a metals pool account. The client can select their most favorable financial instrument: Metals Sale or Metals Transfer.

Metals transfer

Upon completion of the refining process the metals are held in a pool account on behalf of the client. Hence the metals are available for any further transaction. For a metals transfer to any dedicated precious metals pool account the client will be requested to provide verified account details for an instant transfer.

Metals sale (in accordance to LPPM)

The metals once accounted on the metals pool account are ready for trading in accordance to the LPPM pricing. Every Commercial contract defines trading guidelines to sell the refined metals in EURO, USD or OTHER CURRENCIES.