Chemical Treatment

In Depth

Best Practices Protocol


Extensive laboratory and field trails, supported by independent corrosion analysis of site-specific steels has resulted in the formulation of the best practice protocol used by PGM Technologies for non-aggressive chemical treatment.

The chemical formulation has been specially inhibited achieving reduced emissions build-up whilst also minimising acid attack. This product formula is effective in the removal of both scale and metallic oxide deposits from boiler, cooling and process equipment.



An effective delivery system ensure that all contaminated surfaces are exposed to the treatment solution, maximising results on every level. Our technical Service Department will guide clients through the most effective application, this will be determined by the plant configuration, component integrity and scheduling window.

Whilst each plant will similar in method of product production they will be unique in many other ways which is why PGM Technologies provide a bespoke service to each of their clients.

Industry Expertise


The foundation of success is the expertise of our Site Services Team, PGM Technologies personnel undergo extensive training with industry accredited training providers, meeting the most exacting standards. Core members of the team have years of operational experience within this specialist field of technical plant cleaning and precious metals recovery.

For further information or project guidance speak with our commercial team.