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Cleaning & Recovery Solutions

For each single recovery operation PGM Technologies designs a customized cleaning strategy in close collaboration with the client. ‘Customized’ in this regard means that every client receives a detailed and precise investigation of their installation and production records to identify the particular areas of the facility demanding special attention through the PGM recovery process. The selected recovery process can then be one or a mix of the below enlisted procedures.

The ultimate goal for every job is to provide the most efficient and safest technology in terms of the clients installations, recovery ratio and the environment. PGM Technologies offers the full selection of the following solutions:

  • Non-destructive chemical cleaning
  • High-pressure hydro-blasting
  • Destructive cleaning on-site or off-site: leaching facilities on 3 continents
  • Purchasing of obsolete equipment
  • Independent refining advisory for PGM dusts, filter residues and other PGM
    bearing material


    Clients interested in working with PGMT can choose from the following contract concepts for their individual cleaning project:

    • Shared risk (% of PGMs recovered)
    • Flat fees (‘lump sum’)
    • Toll agreements (per time or material)
    • All-inclusive agreements: cleaning + refining



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