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PGM Technologies, Inc. is a full service provider of cleaning operations and precious metals recovery solutions. The main focus is on services and consulting in the recovery of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) for nitric acid producers and the chemical industry.

PGMT leverages over 27 years of know-how in operating nitric acid plants and providing technical services. Thus customers benefit from extensive experience in gauze designs and process efficiency improvements with every single project. For PGMT, technical cleaning and recovery projects in the nitric acid producing industry is essentially more than just the recovery of PGM losses.

In excess of 150 projects were designed to add-on to every clients’ production process to leave the client more than just happy about the recovered metals but far more satisfied with the achievements in efficiency and additional process improvements after the successful cleaning operation.

PGM Technologies operates as an independent professional organization with excellence in technical cleaning. PGM Technologies services nitric acid producers worldwide. PGM Technologies runs two strategic offices: PGM Technologies Inc. (USA) and PGM Technologies International. (Europe) as successor of 3D Recovery Europe GmbH).

In order to get a feeling of what expertise with 150 cleaning operations means please be invited to download the PGMT reference list:

           PGMT reference list


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